Chef Kitchen Fever

Fast Food Burger Shop


Will you be able to manage a large volume of fast food orders?

Put on your chef’s hat and screw the apron as you enter the food court mania. Thumbs are your arsenal. Swipe them in left or right direction to catch and collect burger shop items and used in making of delicious fast food.  Every level has an increasing number of orders that you must serve quickly and precisely. Spread all your focus and reflexes to collect the right ingredients. Complete the orders, earn stars and make coins. 

• Simple and easy UI/UX
Exceptionally appealing  HD graphics and design
• Smooth and easy swiping controls to catch and collect items
• Game that combines multiple challenges
• Keep track of ingredient requirements and catch only what is needed
• Serve food as quickly and precisely as possible to rule the food court
• View the game progress from the screen
• Collect coins for serving food and increase your earnings
• Unlock new equipment, burgers and cooking gear from the shop
• Use your coins to unlock ketchup and other sauces
Save all stars to get coin and score bonus
• Spicy expressions and zesty background music

• Download and launch the games
• Tap on the play icon to start 
• Swipe the burger on the screen to catch and collect items
• Arrange food by collecting items in the right order
• Gross burger maker milestones and earn stars
• Enter next food court level featuring more challenges
• Compile ingredients, serve burgers and have fun!