Our Story

Exeplay DOO is a game development company founded in 2019 and located in Nis, Serbia. 

The first Serbian Gameathon organized by Exeplay and Startap Centar Nis was the official beginning of our story. Ten selected teams were competing for some amazing prizes, and came up into a few great ideas. They have developed the prototypes of games in incredible 24 hours! All of them were up to the task, but the best  three teams won the prizes: 
Desperados, Heatwave and AM – PM Games. 

The company still collaborates with those creative teams in order to finish up some great gaming projects. Our intention is to fresh up the Serbian gaming community with young and talented developers, under the mentoring of people with long years of experience in the area of a whole process of game design and game development. Team is dedicated to making high quality entertainment for people all around the world. Expect awesome adventures, follow us and be a part of our journey!