Digging Miner

Lumber Jack

This game is all about immersive and casual gaming experience. Sit back and relax as you tap on the screen to direct the digging and collect rewards on a lazy day.

Get rid of boredom by engaging yourself in an addictive and relaxing game.

Try it now!

• Simple and easy UI/UX
• Stunning graphics featuring lifelike simulator experience
• Smooth and easy tap and swipe controls to dig mines and collect gold
• Dig gold and collect it
• Steer clear of ammunition and explosives in the mines
• Unlock all miner tycoon avatars and dig many mines
• Earn coins for every mine digging move you make
• Collect props, new tools and boosters to unleash full gaming experience
• Complete daily idle challenge to get score and coin bonus
• Lively graphics for fascinating gaming experience



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