Ultrachess – Brain

Teaser Chess Puzzles

Chess Strategy Game

How good are you at making and implementing a chess strategy? The new game demands that you think many times and create a strategy to move chess piece into the victory field in every level.

You will get a limited number of and a limited range of motion gems for every piece. Play every move wisely and achieve different ranks like Challenger, Marathon, Light Speed and explorer.

Turn into a Chess Master!

• Download and launch the chess games
• Touch on the play option to begin the board game level
• Choose a game mode and adjust the width and height of board game
• Tap and swipe on a single chest piece to make your chest move
• Drag the chess pieces to choose the best course to win
• Reach the bottom right victory field to clear the chess master level
• Spend your gems on chess strategy moves wisely
• Swap the diamond skins for more interactive gaming experience