Unblock & Roll The Ball

Sliding Box Maze

Unblock & Roll the Ball it’s relaxing and at the same time thought-provoking puzzle game, It’s a tricky puzzle for you to see how clever you are!

You need to be fast, but also patient, smart but daring to roll it to the goal. If you are like this, join us in this most popular puzzle game!
Ready, Set, Roll!

How to get the goal:
-Download Unblock & Roll the Ball – Sliding Box Maze
-Choose your Favorite Mode to d roll
-Use your finger to move/rotate tiles
-Create an optimal path for the ball to roll into the hole
-Try to collect all the stars in this riddle
-Be careful! Fewer moves mean a better score
– If you feel blocked you will get a hint
-If you get bored you can just skip the level
-Watch ads to earn more coins
-Ball: ” unroll me ” .. Will you help?
-Relax and Enjoy!